About me

Clarisel Gonzalez is a bilingual digital journalist, producer and social entrepreneur with a background as writer and editor and strong understanding of traditional media, online publishing and social media. An experienced journalist, she has served at online and print publications in New York, Massachusetts and Puerto Rico as well as in academia and the nonprofit sector.

Clarisel is editor and publisher of Clarisel Media and PRSUN Communications, two independent digital media companies. Clarisel Media produces such  niche brands as the Bronx Entrepreneurs and Business Network and Kitty Doggie News while PRSUN produces the Puerto Rico Sun project. Our mission is to inform, empower and build community via media.

Clarisel also provides independent media consultant to nonprofits, entrepreneurs and community groups with causes. She is currently contributing media consultant to the Latino Leadership Institute, a growing nonprofit dedicated to cultivating new leaders in politics, public policy and community activism. She is also producer and still photographer for Bx3M, an independent feature film (2015) by Judith Escalona. She most recently served as media and community outreach consultant for Five Sessions (2017), a play by Jaime Estades.
For more information: http://linkedin.com/in/clariselmedia. Like our official Facebook page at facebook.com/clariselmedia.

Clarisel Media is a member of the new Bronx CoWorks network. She is a founding member of the Bronx Photographers Collaborative.


(updated 4/19/17)